10 Best tips to keep your child’s skin healthy during summer

Summer, one of the eagerly waiting seasons of all times is about to set all within a few months. The scorching heat and the high intensity of UV rays are said to take a toll on human health. A child’s soft-textured skin loses its radiance, especially when they roam around during the sunny hours. Many kids start developing sunburn, sun allergy, skin infections, acne, dry skin, pimples, and blemishes.

As a mother, we might be more concerned about our child’s skin and you might be searching for effective skincare tips for your little ones. Yes! We will share with you a few amazing tips to keep your child’s skin healthy and thus it helps to prevent the breakout of skin-related issues developing during the summertime.  Let’s check out a few of them below:

1. Rehydrate the body with water and natural juices

Dehydration is one of the top symptoms seen during the summer season. Quench your thirst with fluids and homemade natural juices. Avoid tea, coffee, aerated, and caffeinated drinks. Include more of coconut water, lemonade, buttermilk, kokum juice, aloe Vera juice, and chia seeds. 

If the toddler is having any of the symptoms like severe dry, cracked lips, dry skin, passing dark-colored urine or blood in the stools, then meet the healthcare provider immediately.  The doctor may replenish the lost fluids and salts immediately through intravenously. Also, you can buy oral rehydration powders (ORS) that are available in the market from any reliable online medicine site and get them delivered at your doorsteps. 

2. Use a good skin moisturizer

Holding the skin’s moisture during summer is the most important as the intense heat during the summer makes the skin dry. Good moisturizing lotion or cream can take care of the skin. 

3. Include a lot of green leafy vegetables

Consuming amaranth leaves, mint leaves, bell peppers, green beans, and carrot, especially during summer days, is very important to consume to cool down the body. These vegetables are rich in minerals; vitamins, folate and are packed with more water content. So, load more of these veggies in soups, salads, or sprinkle a few toasted leaves on your favorite dishes.  

4. Play in the shade

Playing outdoors helps the kids stay healthy and fit. But, playing under shades is what matters to prevent from sunburns, sun damage, heat strokes, and the blisters. 

5. Avoid heading outdoor during peak sunny hours

With the temperature soaring up, the kids, elders, and infants are the ones who are worst affected by this extreme climate. It can weaken the kid’s immune system and makes them fall sick easily. It’s better to avoid kids heading out during the peak hours between 10 am to 4 pm. 

6. Wear cotton clothes

Yes! Make your kid wear lightweight cotton clothes! Cotton clothes help to protect the body from harmful sun rays and help to absorb sweat from the body. Wearing cotton clothes also helps the body with good air circulation. 

7. Bathing frequently

Depending upon the kid’s activity level, make them shower frequently with the cold water. This helps the child not only to stay healthy and clean but also helps them to remove dirt, sweat smell, and other irritants from the child’s body. 

8. Use sunglasses to protect your child’s eyes:

UV rays can damage your child’s eyes more than the adults. Hence, make your child wear sunglasses before they head out during the summer. 

9. Apply sunscreen:

Kids are engaged more in outdoor activities during the summer season. The key to keeping them safe during the summer is to unblock the sun’s light with sunscreen with a high sun protection factor (SPF). Markets are flooded with sunscreen and finding a good one among a dozen of brands is tricky. Consult a dermatologist and get prescribed the best sunscreen for your child based on the skin type. Order them from the online medicine companies in india and get them availed at your doorsteps. 

10. Load your kid’s plate with summer foods:

Yes! There are a lot of summer cooling foods that you can add to your kid’s plate to prevent heatstroke. Load it up with foods such as tomatoes, watermelons, yogurt, lemonade, cucumber, coconut water, musk melon, to name a few.

Create awareness in your child about the drawback of too much sun’s exposure also dictate him or her to use sunscreen, how to hydrate the body by drinking enough water, and things to take care of before heading out in the sun.  Though summer is the best time to bring their naughtiness out, it is also one of the worst seasons to cause damages to the skin. So, we have framed a few tips to keep your child’s skin healthy and happy always. Check them out and make them practice before the harsh summer hits your little ones.  

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