10 Common Myths About Premium Sunglasses

We all have come across with common myths about premium sunglasses, one of the most common myths is that they are considered as normal fashion accessories that give a suave and stylish touch to the face. But sunglasses go beyond that, they are essential functional accessories that protect our eyes. Similarly, there are several fallacies related to luxury sunglasses. These myths are harder to spot because most people believe in these misconceptions. Therefore, we have made an earnest effort to debunk the ten most common myths about premium sunglasses.

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Sunglasses are just fashion accessories

It’s a reward when you discover a perfect pair of shades that makes you look fashionable. However, the most important factor to be considered while buying shades is that they shield your sensitive eyes from the sun’s harmful high-energy visible light (HEV light) and ultraviolet (UV) radiation. They are more than style embellishments, they are essential functional accessories that everyone must-have.

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There is no need to wear sunglasses on cloudy days

Generally people avoid wearing shades in winter and on cloudy days. But UV radiations exist on winter and cloudy days as sunny days. These rays are strong enough to enter through the clouds. Hence, sporting sun shades is a must every time you’re going outdoor.

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Premium sunglasses are only for adults

We usually see grownups wearing sunglasses, but how often do we see children wearing shades? Rarely we see kids with premium sunglasses, isn’t it? Did you know 90% of UV rays exposure occur during childhood? Moreover, kids spend more time outside compared to adults! Tell your children to wear premium sunglasses every time they are outdoor.

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Every sunglasses offer complete UV protection

Not all sunglasses provide complete UV protection. While purchasing sunglasses make sure that you check the description mentioned on the label, only sunglasses with 100% UVA and UVB protection can provide complete protection. Dark glasses without proper UV protection can practically do more harm than good.

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Darker the shade, better the UV protection

Most of us believe in the myth that tinted shades provide better UV protection, but you will be surprised to know that colour and tint have nothing to do with the UV protection! Rather, darker shades without UVA and UVB protection can harm your eyes because the pupils get dilated and expose the retina to harmful UV rays. So don’t be fooled by this myth, a normal clear lens with 100% UV protection is practically better than dark-tinted sunglasses without UV protection.

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Luxury sunglasses are more expensive with no reasons

Many people believe that they are paying a higher price for luxury sunglasses and they could get the same quality with normal branded sunglasses. But this is a misconception! A superior quality luxury sunglasses go through rigorous quality checks, have durable frame, and are often accompanied with after-sales service and warranty. Though normal sunglasses look affordable they come with low-quality material that can lead to re-purchase. Always remember, better value means better quality. It’s a one-time investment and you should not bother about the cost.

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The shape and size of the frame do not matter

The shape and size of the frame do matter a lot, larger frames offer better eye protection compared to smaller frames. The larger frames block more UV rays get around the boundaries of the lens. 

Furthermore, the distance between the glasses and the eye is also important. Lenses that rest on the nose away from the eyes have a greater risk of exposure to UV rays. The best kind of sunglasses wraps around the eyes and offer better UV protection.

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Labels on the sunglasses are always correct

Never go with labels, sometimes shades can be mislabeled, make sure you purchase branded sunglasses that ensure a quality product and they are labelled properly with complete descriptions.

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Polarized and anti-reflection lenses protect eyes from harmful UV rays

Though polarized and anti-refection lenses are comfortable to wear and offer better visual clarity, while driving or doing sports activities, this has nothing to do with UV protection. Having said that, most polarized lenses do offer sufficient UV protection. Next time purchase sunglasses get it checked by an optometrist.

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“Blue Light Blocking” lenses offer better UV protection than normal sunglasses

Blue light blocking lenses filter out harmful blue light (HEV) emitted by the sun and digital screens. But not all blue light cutting lenses offer UV protection, UV rays and HEV rays are completely different. The wavelength of UVB rays ranges from 280 nm to 320 nm while UVA rays go from 320 nm to 400 nm. Whereas, blue light ranges from 380 nm to 500 nm. But now many blue light blocking lenses come with additional UV protection. 

Your eyes are the most precious organ of the body, give them deserved care. Take time to invest money on a perfect pair of premium sunglasses that offer better protection to your eyes and make a habit of wearing it daily. 

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