7 Mistakes You Should Avoid at the time of Home Renovation

Are you planning to renovate your house? If yes, then this is a smart way to increase the value of your property, when done in the right way. Even though you might not of selling your house at present, this can be a great option to increase your standard of living. It is advised that you avoid these common mistakes most people commit when taking up their renovation work.

1. Decrease the value of your home

Mostly, people would like to refurbish their property for the sake of adding greater value. If you have not done it in the past, then you might end up renovating the wrong rooms or do certain things that will not lessen the property’s value.

If your objective is to increase its value, then make sure you know the valuation of your house before starting with the renovation work. Know the rooms or areas of your house that are of more value and what are bringing its value down. 

2. Disturb your personal life

Your renovation project might need some weeks, months or years based on the plan you have made. The time period for your project might increase in case some unforeseen circumstances arise such as bad weather, unavailable tradesperson or delay in the delivery of products.

It is wise enough to double the time period or add some months to be on the safe side. Don’t begin with renovation work if the total time affects your personal life as well as other important commitments.

3. Falling short of money

Another common mistake is exceeding your budget when you decide to renovate your home. This is all about creating an appropriate plan and following it anyhow. Every item in the renovation work will have some cost and so, never spend all the money at the initial planning. Unforeseen situations like unexpected repair works or sudden delays along the way will happen for sure. 

Make sure the initial costs are nearly 30% under your within the entire budget so that you can save some money for the unexpected expenses while the renovation work continues.

4. Avoiding positive aspects of your house

Every house will have some positive aspects that make it exceptional in its own way. These might be traditional fireplaces, skylights, heritage listings, and classic timber paneling and so on. Make sure you consider them at the time of renovating your property. Don’t remove something that has a positive impact in your house and rather, make them the attraction to increase its value. This way, you can make a huge profit if you want to sell your property in the future.

5. Making changes in the project

Making some changes the mid project will add significant problems, increase the costs and add delays too. Sometimes, there has to be changes for the unforeseen situations or technical issues however, you should try to prevent them. With proper planning, you can actually stay away from those mid project changes.

6. Wrong timing for renovation

Obviously, you do not want to affect your personal life or other family members. If you wish to renovate in an inappropriate time, then this might result in several days when no work can actually be done. This usually happens when you decide to work in the cold months or rainy season. Unless you select the right timing, you will probably run into huge problems.

7. Trying to do the work on your own

Some tradesperson are needed by the law like electricians for power supply and plumbers for working with gas or water. However, many people like to do all these works by themselves. They think to save money on labor costs this way. However, you can get much better work done within a short time by hiring these professionals. Also, if there are any problems, they will come and fix them quickly.

If you create problems, you may end up hiring the professional painter and decorators in London later. This will lead to wastage of time, money and effort. 

Certain things can always be done in the best way when left in the hands of professionals. By organizing all the tradesperson, you can still save money and get your house renovated in the best possible way.

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