7 Tips to Sell Gold Jewellery At Best Ever Prices

Obviously during any financial constraint unwanted gold sell is the quickest method to get some liquid cash. But obtaining the best deal is really daunting especially when you have a number of cash-for-gold counters to choose from. This is so; because they don’t offer the best gold price. 

Moreover, online selling or high street jewellers are comprised of time-consuming procedures irrespective of better deal with more money. If you are in such a condition then, you are at the right place. Read on the blog to know top 7 tips to obtain better deal on selling your unwanted gold jewellery.  

1. Choose the right time of selling

The demand and supply rules depicts whether the people are willing to invest in any commodity or not! In terms of that the price will be increased or decreased. Whenever the economy is rugged gold inclines to be expensive and more demanding. It is regarded as the best time to make any sort of investment such as shares and stocks. 

Economy has also an integral role to play at the time for selling gold. You must consider the hard times for economy to come as it is the right time to sell gold due to its high price. Nevertheless, for any investment falls and rises in the value is simply unpredictable. 

2. Never visit the cash-for-gold companies

It sounds convenient to use the most specialist cash-for-gold company to obtain the best deal. But as per the research, most of the people are not satisfied with their dealing price in return of such precious metal jewellery. 

There is no relevancy to compare the companies’ price to that of the online gold buyers, pawnbrokers and high street jewellers. Instead, you should compare the price amongst each other to check from where you can achieve the best deal for selling your gold jewellery. 

3. Obtain value of your gold jewellery

By determining the weight and verifying the hallmark of the gold jewellery best worth will be calculated on the basis of the latest prices of gold. You can visit a high street jeweller too for the valuation to gain an idea of value will be paid by cash-for-gold firms. 

It is better if you are planning to sell the jewellery in such a firm. You can have a concrete plan to get better value from them if you are already known with their deal and not satisfied a bit with it. 

4. Haggling is good before selling

Never hesitate of haggling if you already know that enough value is not offered for the gold jewellery that you are about to sell. At first, count the number of jewellers available in your area. 

In case it is about offloading many jewellery pieces then prices will be often negotiable due to the high competition within the jewellers of the locality. So, collect pricing quotes from each one of them and compare to play with each other. Haggling etiquette smartly will pay you off well.

5. Sell the jewellery online

If your locality or area has only handful jewellers or if you are not able to get a good deal on high street, then online selling option is ideal for you! Certain websites such as eBay is there for selling your gold items. 

As you are going to sell gold in London (a precious item) you can get positive feedbacks from other buyers stating you as reliable seller. Just open an account and follow the processes of selling. 

6. Consider the value of the entire jewelry set, not gold

The buyers of gold will show their interest only in the metal to mould the jewellery design instead of considering it as a whole. Even they will neglect the value of any precious or semi-precious stone set in the jewellery. Cash-for-gold companies remove and discard those stones from the jewellery you sell such as rings, necklaces and rings so that it can’t be cashed anymore. 

Never sell any branded or high-fashion jewellery just for melting as it will worth more as a whole. Moreover, keepsakes, medals and old gold coins are much more valuable than you will be paid by the cash-for-gold companies. 

Even high street non-specialist jeweller can’t pay its real value. If you are concerned that the item contains much more value such as objects of interest or antiques than gold, you should assess and value it properly prior to sell.   

7. Check the reputation of cash-for-gold  

In case you have decided to seek assistance from cash-for-gold firm to sell the gold jewellery then its reputation must be checked. This will let you know simply which firms you should avoid. 

It can be done easily by typing the name of the company in search engine and going through its comments and reviews sections in much detail. Paid adverts should be avoided at the same time. In-depth reviews can be verified from the blogs and forums as well. Follow the above-mentioned tips to obtain best deal to sell the unwanted gold jewellery pieces. If some precious gemstones or semi-precious stones are set in the jewellery, remove it on your own to sell them separately. Otherwise you may lose them at free of cost! London Gold Centre is also there to provide you with immediate cash in the form of best deal for selling your unwanted gold jewellery. 

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