Fashion Psychology

We have ample evidence of the effects of physical appearance on the personality. People have gone to the extent of describing even the subtle variations in minute wrinkles. 

A fastidious flange at a person gives us the first impression of that person, based on which we decide or approach towards that person.

Now when the apparent things do matter, what appears the most of a person is undeniably the dress. Sometimes it’s quite more than usual, especially in winter. Right from the skull cap to the socks and the boots, all that’s visible of you is your eyes. What then? Your choice of clothes signifies you.

And speaking at the very mediocre level, you see an instant change of attitude have you seen your boss in a casual dress whom you always see in his or her formals. Enough persuasion though, as they say, “ you really are what you wear”

So fashion psychology is basically the way we judge each other based on our choices of clothes and other things which come under the fashion industry. 

The thing about this is that fashion keeps changing, look at what was the trend in the previous century, you wear that now if you want to be perceived as a clown in the society, no offense. Buth things change, and the fashion industry is more so in that aspect of change. The variations are subtle but after a span, it will be drastic.

And, also it isn’t only about what others perceive about us, more importantly, it’s what we feel about ourselves. Think about that dress which is always your first pick when you have an important meeting or an interview. Maybe you have another one which is for a special occasion like a party. I bet you can get a slight feeling of a groom or a bride if you’re just in that bridal dress. 

That makes a lot of sense and makes things clearer. Dresses play a very important part in developing your self-confidence and your self-esteem. People who dress like a boss have a higher rate of being appointed and also promoted. 

There’s also the psychology of color which contributes to fashion psychology. Nevertheless to say, why we prefer white at weddings and black at a funeral. We see a lot of red being used for female presentation, generally, in ads, it must be more appealing.

People are also found to distance themselves more from people with, out of fashion clothes. I hope they don’t think they’ve come to visit the future with those outdated styles by some fancy time machine. They just don’t feel comfortable around close proximity to such people as they don’t seem to fit in the society. People don’t like new or odd things, they’re skeptical about them, so happens with old fashion too. 

We also have our choices of clothes for different mood sets like different occasions. It’s more than the colors. Maybe you’d prefer a cozy t-shirt and jeans or a jogger when upset. You tend to change how you look along with the expressional change your face has gone through. You jump into a different outfit when you have a hard day, you associate your emotions also with that dress. 

Fashion is about patterns and measurements. Custom-tailored dresses are more probable to cultivate your confidence than the ready-made which didn’t fit you well. Think of it, it’s made for you, just for you, and you can see it. The way you feel the fabric on you also leaves an impact that isn’t restricted to comfort, it’s more than that. Now you know why designer clothes cost a fortune. It’s about the feeling, that’s what fashion psychology is about. 

As for patterns, these give illusions to the human eye. You can make someone look slimmer than how slim that person actually is. Complex patterns, for instance, make a person larger than the actual size of that person because of the fact that the human eye takes more time to scramble through that design seeing the complexity. 

That being said, I suppose it isn’t a mystery anymore that our clothes have a role to play in our way to success in life. No matter what budget outfit you choose, make sure that it suits you and fulfills the purpose. The purpose isn’t just to cover the body, that’s the primary one though. Fashion psychology is something that leaves an impact on your personality and your life as a whole. Learn how to make the right choice.  

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