Fitness From Home During The Quarantine

Government declared a lockdown due to coronavirus and we all are stuck in our homes.

But, there is no need to waste our time by watching Netflix and playing video games. 

We should do many things which will definitely stop our belly from growth in the corona period. Let’s discuss….

In order to fight any illness, it is essential for our immune system to be very strong.

To make our immunity strong we need to take care of our diet and workout.

Both of these things are very important if we want to keep ourselves away from the infection like coronavirus.

In this article we are going to share those exercises which will help you to make your immunity strong.

As we all are in a quarantine period, so I will only tell those exercises which you can easily do from your home.

Before telling you all the exercises, I want to tell you a few things with you, which you all need to take care.

I know that the situation is a bit tough for everyone, but don’t panic yourself by reading or watching any fake news on social media.

Only believe in those news which are published by the WHO or the Health Organization of your country.

Let’s discuss exercises which you can do from home during COVID19:

How you can do exercise from home without any equipment. Before starting any exercise, warm-up is essential, so we are going to do those 6 warm-up exercises in starting.

1.   High Knee Raises

In this you need to raise both of your knees one by one as high as possible.

If your rhythm is good then you can perform it faster as well..

2.   Butt Kick

In this you need to touch both of your heels to the butt one by one. You can do it fast according to your capacity.

3.   Jumping Jacks

Begin by standing together with your legs straight and your arms to the side.

Jump up and spread your feet and move your hand up with the movement and come back to the normal position.

Do this fast with the motion.

4.   Spot Running

In this you need to stand at one place and move your leg as fast as you can. In simple word, do running without moving from your place.

5.   Standing Leg raises

As you get the idea from the name, you need to raise both of your legs up turn by turn.

Here you do not have to give a lot of jerks and try lifting your leg as high as possible while keeping it straight.

6.   Mountain Climbing

In this you need to hold your body on your hands and toes while slowly bringing your knees inwards.

Try not to touch the ground with your toes while moving the legs.

Perform all these warm-up exercises for 30 seconds, each for 2-3 sets.

Let’s start our workout now one by one:

1.   Decline Pushups

For this you need a raised platform with some height to it.

You can use your bed, chair or any platform on which you can place your toes.

Maintain shoulder width difference between your hands, go down in a controlled way and come back up.

Breath out when you come up.

You can even perform normal push ups or knee grounded push ups if you are a beginner.

2.   Frog Squats

In normal squats we sit parallel to the ground, whereas in frog squats we will go down further, then come up partially, go down again and then stand up straight.

And if you are unable to perform frog squats then you can perform regular squats instead.

3.   Bulgarian Squats

You need to use the same platform which you used to perform decline push ups.

Place your one leg on the platform, now move your other leg a bit forward, and then bend both your knees and go down.

Come back up and then go down again.

There is no need to go down too much, you just need to have a good balance. Breath out when you come up.

Perform this exercise with both of your feet.

But, if you are a beginner and unable to perform this exercises properly then you can perform lunges as well.

For the fourth exercise you will going to perform two exercises in a superset.

4.   (a) Leg Raises

In this keep your hand below your hips and lift your both legs slowly.

Breath out when you lift your legs and don’t touch your heel to the ground.

(b) High Knee Crunches

In this you will keep both of your knees up and do crunches.

But while going back don’t take your upper body completely down. Breath out when you lift your upper body.

5.   Back Dips

To perform this you need to keep both your hands on a platform and they should be hip width apart.

Now bring you legs forward, you can keep your legs straight as well as bent.

Now bring your body down where you back if moving along the platform.

Don’t go too down as it will cause strain on your shoulders. Now come up slowly.

Keep your core muscles tight throughout and breath out and hold for 1 second when you come up.

6.   Star Planks

Just like in normal planks we hold our body parallel to the ground with our forearms and toe, here also we will do the same.

But, there will be some distance which will result as a star position.

It is a bit difficult to perform this exercise, but do give it a try and if you are unable to perform this, you can even do regular planks.

You have to place your toes and hands wide apart. Now you just need to hold your body parallel to the ground.


We need to complete 3-4 sets similarly to each and every exercise.

We are not using any weight here, so in order to increase the intensity of the exercise we will have to do a higher number of repetitions.

Try to perform 20-25 reps of each exercise and do minimum rest between the sets.

The target should be to complete 3-4 rounds in 30-40 minutes.

When you are not going to the gym and are unable to go out, that means you don’t burn a lot of calories.

You should reduce some calories from your diet whether it is protein or carbs and try to include good fats in your diet.

Read this top 10 immunity booster food which can help you in getting away from the coronavirus disease.

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