How to Use a Hand Crank Meat Grinder?

Meat grinders are basically of two types: Electric (Automatic) meat grinder and Manual meat grinders. By the way, electric meat grinders are used to grind meat on a large scale, but when we want to grind a little amount of meat at home then, a manual crank grinder proves to be the best option.

Hand crank grinders, also known as hand-operated grinders, have a handle to move the auger that let the meat grind effectively and the auger’s size also determines the size of the manual grinder. 

This type of grinder not only gives your arm an amazing workout but also brought you a healthy way to avoid store-bought and processed meat. Hand Crank grinders will turn out delicious and freshly prepared meats of any kind into a craving cuisine.

But before knowing how to use it, it is very important for you to get introduced into which parts are there in this grinder. So, all Hand crank meat grinder consists of some basic parts. Few of them are described below: 

  • Hopper: The tube-like structure connected with the container where you add a cube of meats before grinding.
  • The pusher: The pusher is used to force the meat cubes down the hopper and keep things moving. 
  • The blade:  You all are quite familiar with this equipment. This is a small tool, having a sharped edge, runs against the plate.
  • The plates:  The plate is a circular piece of metal pierced with many holes in it. As the pusher pushes the meat down, the blade cuts it into a fine mince.
  • Handle: The handle has to turn around to grind the meat.
  • Auger: It is a spirally designed long rod that pulls the meat and send it to the blade for mincing constantly.

Before Grinding, it is a must to assemble all the parts carefully and correctly so that it would not create any trouble during grinding of meat. Well, assembling Hand Crank Grinder’s part is a job of patience but also it is not a very complicated process. Just go through some simple listed below:

  • Dry all the parts of the Hand Grinder and clean it nicely.
  • Follow the instruction manual to assemble all the major parts.
  • The main body must have all the elements to be fitted properly (e.g. grinding plates, blades and auger.)
  • When you assemble all the body’s elements, place the handle at the right place and check the movement. If it is rightly correctly moving then lock it using the given screw. Remember, this is the most essential part of the entire grinder.
  • After assembling all the essential and basic parts of the grinder correctly, the last aspect that must be taken care of is the surface on which it is going to be fixed. If a meat grinder will shake during grinding, you must have to face the trouble.

Now, after assembling the parts, we have to know how to use it. Well, to use Hand Crank Grinder doesn’t involves a rocket science. Just need to follow the procedures stated below to get the best results. These are stated below:

  1.  Firstly, place the meat grinder on a non-slippery and stable surface and if possible, install it permanently on the surface in the kitchen using nut and bolts.
  1.  Remove the unnecessary tendons, cartilages before you run the grinder because they are narrow enough to get fitted at the opening of the grinder.
  1. Now, Freeze the meat that is prepared to grind until the fat is completely cold. This helps you from melting the fat during grinding. Another advantage of doing this is that it helps to keep the meat in shape.
  1. Now, place a large container near the hopper cover (below the exit) to pour the grounded meat. Try to keep meat cold at every stage of grinding to prevent the possibility of bacteria.
  1. Put the meat into the tray and start turning the handle and let the blades of the grinder pull the meat from the tray. Beware of pushing the meat through your fingers into the hopper’s cavity.
  1. At last, when all your meat is ground, put a slice of bread and let it run through the grinder to clean out the remaining bits of meat in the grinder. You can simply remove the bread-stuffs from the container and then discard it.
  1. At last, after finishing all these, disassemble the grinder and soak it in Luke warm water for a few minutes. Then wash it under running tap.

Till now, we have read about how to use a Hand Crank Meat Grinder and also the procedures involved in assembling it. Also, the major parts of these types of grinders have been explained briefly.

I shared some tips and tricks to improve the yield and quality of the grounded meat. 

So, don’t waste your time, go to the market and buy the best manual meat grinder for your home.

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