Significant Mistakes to Avoid When Taking Care of Your Jewelry

You must be an enthusiastic wearer of precious jewelry and accessories. Getting a new piece every time you are out for shopping must be very appealing to you, but do you know, taking care of this jewelry is equally important so that it lasts you a lifetime. Some of you might even be taking care but would not know how to take care of your jewelry correctly.

There are inevitable mistakes made by the consumers after they possess the precious jewelry piece. Here we have mentioned the topmost errors that should be avoided when having jewelry as your asset.

1. Not Going For Professional Cleaning

People forget to take the jewelry to the jeweler once they have purchased it. It is either in the wardrobe or used for daily wearing but never given to the jeweler for cleaning. This mistake can cost you much when the jewelry begins to lose its shine over time. A quick jewelry cleaning service ensures that the shine of your jewelry is restored to its original form. But instead, people opt for cleaning the jewelry themselves, which must be avoided. 

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2. Shower Wearing Jewelry

An occasional taking shower with the jewelry or a dip into the pool is acceptable, but it is not a good idea to make it a habit. Over time, the effects of soap scum and hard water are difficult to remove. Hot steams can also loosen the glue that holds jewelry pieces together; they might also cause rusting. It is ok to wear a plain metal band, but avoiding that too will maintain its shine for longer.

3. Risking For Damage With DIY Cleaning Methods

People use toothpaste to clean their jewelry, which is the harshest substance to clean with. While it removes the stain from silver but over time, it will wear off the metal and leave stains on it. Also, toothpaste cannot be used on other jewelry pieces like opals, pearls, or emeralds. Toothpaste, if not cleaned properly from the jewelry it will harden like the glue underneath the gemstone. Even other acids like lemon juice can damage porous stones and delicate pieces. It is recommended to go for one-day jewelry repairs instead of cleaning it at home.

4. Wearing Improper Ring Size

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Rings that are too tight or too loose can are likely to lose their shape and break. One of the worst mistakes made by people is that they wear metal ring sizers instead of getting the ring sized. The purpose of metal pieces is to make the ring size smaller by wrapping it around the ring. It tends to leave deep scratches on the surface where it gets rubbed. 

5. Not Appraising Or Insuring The Jewelry Piece

Your jewelry must be evaluated by a certified gemologist or a graduated gemologist for insurance purposes. Your current insurance policy must have a provision of jewelry. Usually, insurance policies that cover pricier pieces are inexpensive, and only a fee of about 1$ or more is applicable per hundred dollars of your jewelry’s worth.


We advise that you avoid these mistakes with your jewelry and take them to a jewelry repair store for cleaning and watch repair and battery replacement. It will only increase the life of your jewelry and not decrease it. 

This blog describes the common mistakes that people do with their jewelry. It is mentioned to make people aware of the unknown mistakes they commit with their jewelry unknowingly.

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