The Best Way to do Tile Stripping

We have all experienced a stage in our life where we had to move into a new place, renovate an existing place or just thoroughly cleanse our tiles and grout. Filth, contamination, dirt accumulation and fungal outgrowths are some of the many common problems related to tiles which occur from time to time. With regular and proper cleaning techniques, these problems can be kept at bay but not indefinitely. Sooner or later, the condition of tiles goes so bad that no option other than stripping tile is left to undertake.

Stripping sounds like completely removing tiles; however, that is not the case. Tile stripping is, in essence, the same as tile resealing. The process involves using an effective stripper to remove the already present layer of sealer from the tile surface. The removal of this sealer reveals the spotless and original tiles which were hiding below. The authenticity of tiles is restored during this process however; to preserve it tile resealing is done. This involves applying a fresh coat of a suitable sealer to renew their stain-resistant shield and thus elongate their durability.

Be it offices, houses or any other structure; the entire appeal of the place depends on the condition and choice of tiles. This shows how important of a role tiles play in the impression of any place. Thereby, cleaning and maintaining tiles is a vital responsibility. and we take this responsibility seriously. This is why we provide services that are best suited to your requirements and these include tile stripping services as well.

With our team, knowledge, and tools we not only restore the originality of the tiles but also apply a wax that seals it from future debris and dirt accumulation for a certain period. For quality assurance and 100% customer satisfaction, our team is equipped with only the best tools and is trained to carry out well-devised and thorough cleaning procedures.

The best way to carry out the stripping process is to seek professional help, and GroutExpert is here to provide exactly that! Since tile stripping involves the possibility of tiles getting cracked or damaged during the process, our team of experts is trained as such to avoid any situation which may lead to removing tiles. For this purpose, we divide the area in need of stripping into small, workable segments and work on these segments systematically. This way, neither the tiles are threatened to fall prey to damage nor does the process turn haphazard.

Why Tile Stripping?

Stripping of Tiles becomes the only option when the condition of your tiles becomes so drastic that no amount of scrubbing can reverse it. This procedure is popular because of its precise yet thorough nature. The dirt which piles up on the surface of tiles is residing within the layer of the sealer. This aspect remains ignorable for individuals since the layer of sealer is not visible and therefore; suitable measures are not adapted accordingly. However, tile stripping focuses on exactly the aspect which is not taken into consideration normally and targets the tile sealer to address the problem. Another prominent positive factor of this process is that since it involves the stripping of all tiles, it targets even those regions which are often left unattended during the day to day cleaning.

Professional Help Stripping Tile is a process that can best be carried out only by utilizing professional help. Therefore, when the need arises, Professionals always will be waiting for your call. The precision, accuracy, and devotion with which skilled team works to provide its tile stripping and tile sealing services to customers are guaranteed to yield promised results combined with 100% customer satisfaction. Additionally, They work on your tiles in a way that leaves little room for completely removing tiles. Not only do They completely restore the original pristine form of all tiles, but Also guarantee minimal dust and debris left over after the work is done. Since professional team vacuums most of the resulting dirt, there is a very little cleaning up left for you to do. 

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